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Adding a Service

If these options do not meet the requirements for a user's network, it is easy to add another. To illustrate, we will add an entry for an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Server. This TCP-based program uses default port of 6667.

  1. Right click on Network Neighborhood and click on Properties

  2. Right click the connection using the ICF and select Properties

  3. Click on the Advanced tab and choose Settings

  4. Click on the Services tab

  5. Click Add

  6. Enter the following information

    • Description of service: IRC Server

    • Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network: IP address where IRC software is installed

    • External port number for this service: 6667

    • Internal port number for this service: 6667

    • Click TCP

  7. Click OK, OK, and then OK again to exit to the Network Connection window

Figure 5-7Figure 5-7 Adding IRC to ICF Services

Editing and Deleting a Service

In the case that a Services settings need adjusted or deleted, the user can follow the instructions given under Adding a Service. However, instead of choosing the Add button on the Services window, a user should choose Delete or Edit. Once the Service has been changed, it will be saved when the user clicks OK.

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