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Enabling & Disabling the ICF

The following will illustrate the steps required to enable and disable the ICF using its default settings. Following this segment, we will describe in detail the different options available when using the ICF.


You do not need to use the ICF if you are using a proxy server or another firewall. The ICF is intended for users who do not have any form of protection between their systems and the Internet or an external network.

Enabling & Disabling the ICF

  1. On the desktop, right click on Network Neighborhood and click Properties

    Figure 5-2Figure 5-2 Network Neighborhood options

  2. Double-click the connection using or requiring the ICF

    Figure 5-3Figure 5-3 Network Neighborhood Connections

  3. Click Properties

    Figure 5-4Figure 5-4 Dialup Connection Window

  4. Select the Advanced tab

    Figure 5-5Fig. 5-5

  5. To enable (or disable) the ICF, select (or deselect) the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box

  6. Click OK and then close the Dialup/Network connection dialog window

The previous illustration will enable only the default settings of the ICF. This is adequate for some users, but these days even the average home user is adding services to their network (e.g. Napster, FTP Server). In the case that a computer owner needs to customize the settings of the ICF, the following will define and describe what settings can be adjusted in and will describe the purpose of some of the settings.

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