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Issues to clarify before enabling Internet Connection Sharing

Before turning on the ICS, the user must be cautious of how the ICS will adjust the settings of the local computer. It is also important to be aware of how enabling the ICS will interfere with other network services that may be required to stay connected to the network. For example, consider the following:

  • The ICS will not work in networks using DHCP, other domain controllers, DNS Servers, or static IP networks: Because the ICS resets the host computers IP address to and becomes a DHCP server of its own, any other IP address managing servers on a network will be thwarted. This at a minimum will disconnect the local computer from the network and at most completely stop all communication on a network.

  • When the ICS is enabled, all connections from the local computer will be broken. If the host computer is attempting to connect to the Internet when the ICS is enabled, or is querying another computer on the network, the connection will need to be refreshed. In the case that a network connection cannot be reestablished, turn off the ICS and reevaluate the current IP addressing scheme used on the network.

  • In order for clients to use the ICS, their IP address settings must be set to 'automatic'. In addition, clients must configure Internet options for Internet Connection Sharing to connect to the Internet.

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