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Microsoft's Demise Looms on the Horizon

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Could Microsoft's days be numbered because of its policy of herding its customers toward an annual licensing fee for its software? InformIT columnist Pete Moulton thinks the writing is already on the wall.
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Microsoft is headed for a downfall sometime in the next several years because it is focusing on making money, and it is neglecting the customers that made Microsoft into the company it is today. It has been attacked by the greed bug, which has infected its software. This greed makes Microsoft very vulnerable to competitors.

Apple's Attack

Apple senses the opportunity to gain market share at Windows' expense. Apple has started a new advertising campaign that targets Windows users with testimonials from seemingly ordinary computer professionals (most probably actors). These people say how easy it is to use the Mac as opposed to wrestling with Windows, and how readily all the Windows data can be used with Macintosh software. In spite of lower CPU speeds, dual monitors supported by after-market add-on boards, and somewhat higher prices, Apple PCs offer a very competitive alternative to Windows PCs because not all PC users need the highest-speed CPU computer. Further, the business software used on the Macintosh is the same as the business software used on the Windows PC. Perhaps Apple's Steven Jobs will one day eat Bill Gates' lunch as payback for Gates trouncing him in business with Windows. There is still a chance, in spite of Microsoft's current bloated size. However, Jobs doesn't have quite the precise focus to capture the business community. Selling the strengths of the Mac video and graphics, as well as working with or exchanging data with all popular Windows application software, is appealing. More reliable operating system operation with no crashes is also appealing, but Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows XP narrow this reliability gap. However, more appealing is simplified software licensing for corporate users and lower software licensing costs for Macintosh PCs.

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