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Creating a Quick Prototype

You can create a directory structure right in the Dreamweaver Site panel. The Site panel enables you to create new directories and new files. A context menu displays when you right-click (Control+click on the Mac) on the top line of the site files (the one with the open green folder that represents the site root). The context menu, shown in Figure 3.10, has two commands of interest at the top: New File and New Folder. You'll use those commands in this section to create files in your site.

Figure 3.10 The Site panel context menu contains commands to create new folders (directories) and files in your Web site.

First, create an images directory. From the Site panel context menu, select the New Folder command. An untitled folder is added to your site. Give this folder the name Images. Next add a file to the root directory. Right-click (or Control+click) on the root folder and select the New File command. Make sure you aren't clicking on the images folder because then you will create the new file in that folder instead of in the root folder. Dreamweaver then creates a new Web page. Title the Web page index.html, which is the default page name for many servers. A default page will load into the browser as the default page only when the user points to the directory the page is in. The results should look like Figure 3.11.

Figure 3.11 Use the Site panel context menu to quickly add files and folders to the Web site.


I think it's a good idea to name everything with lowercase letters. Some servers and scripting languages are case sensitive. When I name everything with lowercase letters, I never incorrectly enter the name.

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