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Step 2: Develop a Format and Forum in Which to Present the Information

It's essential to determine both a format and forum for the program that will reach the most people successfully. The firm's culture should be considered in making the decision. Following are some of the potential formats:

  • Live presentations (this is the traditional method)

  • Internet/intranet

  • Email

  • Voice mail

  • In-house newsletter

You may want to hold a single presentation session in which all firm employees are addressed by members of the IS department, or smaller sessions with individual divisions of the firm.

Similarly, there are numerous ways to use the Internet or your company's intranet. For example, web-based learning can be employed in the form of a live, interactive "webinar," or a computer-based training module that's available for employees at their convenience.

Once the right combination of methods is selected, the forum for delivery must be decided. Creating a new setting for the security program may offer some benefits, such as stressing the importance of the topic to the firm. However, as the point of the program is to speed user acceptance and adoption of existing and planned security procedures, the program itself should be in line with current processes as much as possible.

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