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Logging In, Starting Up, And Shutting Down Windows 10 Anniversary Edition With a Touchscreen

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Learn how to log in to Windows 10 AE, how to use Tablet mode, how to find and launch programs from the Start or All Apps menu, how to use the touch keyboard or handwriting interface, how to use shortcut keys, how to lock and unlock your computer, and how to shut it down or put it into sleep mode.

This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Whether you’re upgrading from Windows 7, switching to a new PC after running older versions of Windows, or upgrading from Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is designed to work the way you’re accustomed to working. In this chapter, you find out how to use a touchscreen (such as those found on tablets, convertible 2-in-1 devices, or some all-in-one desktops) to log in to Windows, move around the Windows menus, and lock, sleep, or shut down your system. If you use a mouse and keyboard instead of a touchscreen, skip ahead to Chapter 4, “Logging In to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Customizing the Start Menu.”

Logging In With a Touchscreen

To log in to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, you must know the username and password (if any) set up for your account. If you installed Windows 10 AE yourself, be sure to make note of this information when you are prompted to provide it during the installation process. You also log in to Windows 10 AE when you are waking up the computer from sleep, unlocking it, or restarting it.

  • red01.jpg Tap your touchscreen and drag it upward when the Lock screen appears.

  • red02.jpg The alphabetic keyboard appears first.

  • red03.jpg Tap each letter in your password.

  • red04.jpg Tap to switch to the symbols and numbers keyboard.

  • red05.jpg Tap symbols and numbers in your password.

  • red06.jpg To see your password as you enter it, hold down the eye symbol (visible after you enter at least one character of your password).

  • red07.jpg Tap twice to start Windows.

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