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Like this article? We recommend

Pilot Your Own Transaction Web Service

Many companies are experimenting with Web services to handle integration tasks. Seriously consider taking the initiative to create a transaction Web service that more closely aligns with your system's requirements. Then go out and pilot the transaction Web service with your customers. You can control the security better, define customized needs of the clients in it, and also get the buy-in of your customers before formally launching it as part of your products.

The Concept of Hailstorm Makes Sense—the Execution Killed It

Being able to have a single sign-on for all your accounts, even cell phone and office voicemail, is a great idea. Having all your methods of payment in a single location also makes a ton of sense; yet it is a very inviting target for anyone looking to steal someone's credit card data. That's what happened—methods of payment were stolen from Passport accounts over the Internet. Take the concept of Hailstorm, and see how a single sign-on can apply to your company's IT efforts. There are valuable lessons to be learned from Hailstorm about handling multiple distribution channels' needs for information, for example.

Realize that EAI Vendors are Vitally Interested In Succeeding Where Hailstorm Failed

The concept of the single sign-on, complete with the ability to purchase, is the market need every EAI vendor is chasing. Their ability to create a transaction services layer in their EAI applications will make the difference between many of them surviving or not in the coming years. Be sure to watch the developments in this area because EAI vendors are all reinventing themselves as applications take on the connector roles they once exclusively played.

Put Your Sell-Side Strategy at the Center of Security Efforts

Fraud, hacking, and outright theft of products online happen when any company takes on an entirely new e-commerce strategy. Often, like Microsoft, payment vehicles are held out of the main security reaches of an architecture. Be sure to include the payment methods of your sell-side systems in the heart of your security systems.

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