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Research Objectives

Leadership development is a challenge for all professionals. However, for finance executives, no book has been written, nor research undertaken, specifically addressing their behavioral or leadership development. This research seeks to correct these omissions by:

  • Articulating clearly the critical skills and competencies finance executives need to become effective partners and business leaders of their organizations.

  • Illustrating the ways in which these competencies are being developed, achieved, and maintained by "work-in-progress"5 companies.

  • Indicating the greatest challenges in achieving these competencies and how these skills are—or are not—being successfully practiced.

  • Noting which competencies seem to be critical for different levels of financial executive responsibility and how these competencies change as one advances in the organization.

  • Suggesting the most effective ways for finance executives, whether they are from large or middle-market organizations, to achieve these skills.

  • Offering ideas for what works and what does not in crafting a new paradigm of leadership behavior and performance expectations for finance executives of the future.

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