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Rule One: Clarify the Project Goal

  1. Project success begins with defining the end result, the goal: create it, reframe it, boil it down, share it.

  2. Effective project leaders keep their eyes on the goal and make sure that everybody else on the team (including the end user) does too.

  3. Effective project leaders develop a POWER goal, involving lots of people so that the goal is clear and compelling.

  4. Creating a common and compelling vision for the project empowers team members to use their skills, experience, and motivation to help get the job done on time, within budget, and with high quality.

  5. Goal setting is a must-do first step in building the vehicle that will power you to the checkered flag. Without the "G" in your GOCART-S, failure is right around the first curve on the race track.

Goal Clarified
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