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pro-ex.jpg Programming Exercise

  • 3.1 Write a program to grade a short multiple-choice quiz. The correct answers for the quiz are

    1. C    5. B
    2. A    6. C
    3. B    7. C
    4. D    8. A

    Assume that the passing marks are at least 5 out of 8. The program stores the correct answers in an array. The submitted answers are specified as program arguments. Let X represent a question that was not answered on the quiz. Use an enum type to represent the result of answering a question.

    Example of running the program:

    >java QuizGrader C B B D B C A X
    Question  Submitted Ans. Correct Ans.  Result
        1         C              C        CORRECT
        2         B              A          WRONG
        3         B              B        CORRECT
        4         D              D        CORRECT
        5         B              B        CORRECT
        6         C              C        CORRECT
        7         A              C          WRONG
        8         X              A     UNANSWERED
    No. of correct answers:      5
    No. of wrong answers:        2
    No. of questions unanswered: 1
    The candidate PASSED.
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