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In this deployment scenario you’ll once again be using the controller and compute nodes you created in Chapter 5, “Foundations for Deployments.” We will be creating a 10 GB volume group for use by Cinder on the controller and the minimum specifications defined in that chapter will easily support this.

Select Components

In addition to the foundational tooling, we’ll be adding Cinder block storage to your deployment in this scenario. This will extend our very basic installation to have the following services. Their placement is demonstrated in Figure 8.1.

  • Compute (Nova)

  • Identity (Keystone)

  • Networking (Neutron)

  • Image service (Glance)

  • Dashboard (Horizon)

  • Block Storage (Cinder)

Figure 8.1

Figure 8.1 Components of a two system OpenStack deployment with Cinder block storage

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