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Unity Tweak Tool

As mentioned earlier, Unity Tweak Tool is a third-party tool, which was created by the Freyja Development Team. To find out more about the team, go to https://launchpad.net/~freyja-dev.

If you followed the instructions to download the Unity Tweak Tool earlier in this chapter, great. If not, you may want to do so now. This tool allows users to tweak four different areas of the Unity desktop.


Here, you will be able to change settings for the Launcher, Search, Panel, Switcher, Web Apps. and more.

The Launcher tab (Figure 5-9) allows you to change the color, transparency, icon size, autohiding, animations, and more.

Figure 5-9

Figure 5-9 Unity Tweak Tool: Launcher tab

The Search tab (Figure 5-10) allows you to change the blur of the Dash, and some other features as the display of suggestions, as well as recently used applications.

Figure 5-10

Figure 5-10 Unity Tweak Tool: Search tab

The Panel tab (Figure 5-11) allows you to change settings for the top panel. It includes transparency and the display of certain system-based indicators.

Figure 5-11

Figure 5-11 Unity Tweak Tool: Panel tab

The Shifter tab (Figure 5-12) allows you to specify settings and shortcuts for the applications switcher.

Figure 5-12

Figure 5-12 Unity Tweak Tool: Shifter tab

On the Web Apps tab (Figure 5-13), you can decide whether you want to enable prompts for Web Apps and specify the preauthorized domains.

Figure 5-13

Figure 5-13 Unity Tweak Tool: Web Apps tab

The Additional tab (Figure 5-14) allows you to change keyboard shortcuts as well as enable the HUD to remember previous commands.

Figure 5-14

Figure 5-14 Unity Tweak Tool: Additional tab

Window Manager

The Window Manager allows you to customize how Ubuntu manages windows.


The Appearance section allows you to change the system theme, icons, cursors, and default fonts, as well as the side where the close, minimize, and maximize buttons are located.


The System section allows you to set the default desktop icons, disable some features for security reasons, and set some scrolling options.

Play around with all these settings. Unity Tweak Tool is a very forgiving tool. If you don’t like the tweaks you are making, simply click the Restore Defaults button found on every tab, and you’ll be able to start your tweaking adventure all over again.

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