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An Old View Restated

Workers are human beings who are ready to contribute to the company. They are intelligent and caring. They work, laugh, and cry like the rest of us. They have hearts and souls. They want to use more than just their hands to make the organization successful. They want to devote their minds, courage, wisdom, and spirit to helping the organization do its very best. The challenge, as managers, is to figure out how to release the energy of workers in order to encourage them rather than discourage them.

For employees, workplaces should be quite different from prisons, not only for the sake of the employees, but for the sake of better corporate competitiveness, effectiveness, and success.

The difficulties won't be easy to overcome, but it will be worth the try. Remember, you can only downsize so far before you go out of business. Costs can be cut only so much before profit margins start to flat-line. And one final thing is for sure—you will never get things right if you keep separating profitability concerns from people concerns.

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