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Step 8: Design Appropriate Forms

During the requirements step, the cross-functional team normally discusses the quantity, types, and characteristics of forms to be used with a production acceptance process. Shops occasionally elect to combine some or all of these forms, depending on their complexity. In addition to the primary production acceptance form, other common types used in this process include the following:

  • Capacity form for periodic updates to resource requirements

  • Customer acceptance form for user feedback prior to deployment

  • Help desk form for anticipated calls during startup

  • Test plan for developers to demonstrate function and performance of the new system

  • "Lessons learned" form for follow-up and improvements after full deployment of a new system

The forms are proposed, designed, and finalized by the team. Specific requirements of the form vary from shop to shop, but the form should always be simple, thorough, understandable, and accessible. Many shops today keep forms like these online via their company intranet for ease of use and access.

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