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Using SMC Tools

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Specifying SMC Console Preferences

You can set preferences for six aspects of the SMC Console.

  • Console.
  • Appearance.
  • Toolbar.
  • Fonts.
  • Tool Loading.
  • Authentication.

To open the Preferences window, from the Console menu, choose Preferences.

Console Preferences

The default Console preferences are shown in Figure 15.

Figure 15Figure 15 Default Console Preferences

Use Console preferences to specify a home toolbox and the startup behavior of the SMC Console. You can choose to have the console start in the following ways.

  • Always start with the home toolbox.

  • Always start with the last toolbox opened.

  • Always prompt to ask you which toolbox you want to open when the SMC Console starts.

Appearance Preferences

The default Appearance preferences are shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16Figure 16 Default Appearance Preferences

Use Appearance preferences to specify two Console layout formats. You can also specify the interaction style. With classic interaction style, you double-click to load a tool. With Web interaction style, a single click loads a tool.


Regardless of the interaction style preference you choose, a single click in the Navigation pane always loads a tool. The interaction style controls the behavior of icons only in the View pane.

Toolbar Preferences

The default Toolbar preferences are shown in Figure 17.

Figure 17Figure 17 Default Toolbar Preferences

Use Toolbar preferences to specify whether the tool bar displays only icons, icons and text, or text only.

Fonts Preferences

The default Font preferences are shown in Figure 18.

Figure 18Figure 18 Default Fonts Preferences

Use Font preferences to specify the font, point size, style, and color of the Console menu, label, and body text.

Tool Loading Preferences

The default Tool Loading preferences are shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19Figure 19 Default Tool Loading Preferences

Use Tool Loading preferences to specify how the console loads tools after opening a toolbox and whether the tool loading setting should override a setting in the toolbox definition.

Authentication Preferences

The default Authentication preferences are shown in Figure 20.

Figure 20Figure 20 Default Authentication Preferences

Use Authentication preferences to specify how you want to authenticate users when they are loading tools from multiple servers. You can prompt for credentials—for example, user ID and password—once and use the same credentials for all servers, or you can prompt for credentials for each server. You can also specify that you want to be prompted if credentials fail.

When you enable advanced login, the login window shows both user ID and user password and role login and role password fields in a single window. If you do not enable advanced login and a role is assigned to a user, the Log In window first asks for user ID and password and a second window asks for role login and role password.

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