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Making and Receiving Calls

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Get familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone app, learn how to turn your call into a conference call, and configure the app to work your way.

This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

In this chapter, you find out how to make and take phone calls (including conference calls) using your Galaxy S7. Topics include the following:

  • Getting to know the Phone app

  • Receiving phone calls

  • Making phone calls

  • Configuring the Phone app

As a cellular phone, your Galaxy S7 includes powerful features that enable you to make phone calls swiftly and easily.

Getting to Know the Phone App

With the Phone app, you can quickly make and receive calls across the cellular network. This section introduces you to some of the features you might frequently use.

Open and Navigate the Phone App

The Phone app contains three tabs that enable you to make calls in various ways and to track the calls you receive.

  1. On the Home screen, tap Phone.

  2. Tap the dialpad icon to display the dialpad. The dialpad icon is always visible on the bottom right of the screen while you are in the Phone app.

  3. Tap the keys to dial a number.

  4. If the Phone app displays a suggested contact with a matching number, you can tap the contact if it is the one you want.

  5. Tap the green phone icon to place the call.

Call Log

The Log tab shows all activity in the Phone app, including incoming calls, missed calls, and placed calls.

  1. Tap Log to see a list of the calls you have missed, placed, and received.

  2. Tap a log entry to see more information about the caller.

  3. Tap the phone icon to place a call to the caller.

  4. Tap the video camera icon to place a video call to the caller.

  5. Tap the envelope icon to send an SMS (text message) to the caller.

  6. Tap Edit to delete one or more call log entries for this caller.

  7. Tap More to view the full contact record for this caller, or add the caller to your Auto Reject List.


The Favorites tab shows contacts whom you have marked as favorite and contacts whom you call often.

  1. Tap Favorites to see your favorite and frequently called contacts.

  2. Tap the contact to place a call to them.

  3. Tap the information icon to the right of a favorite contact’s name to see all of the information about the contact.

  4. Tap Add to add additional favorite contacts from your Contacts list.

  5. Tap More to remove favorite contacts, or to reorder their positions on the Favorites tab.


The Contacts tab shows all of the contacts that you have added to the Contacts app.

  1. Tap Contacts to see all of your contacts.

  2. Tap a contact to see all information about that contact.

  3. Tap to search for a contact.

  4. Tap Create to add a new contact.

  5. Tap More to remove contacts or see your Speed Dial screen.

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