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Wizarding Up a WAP Application

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Discover decks, cards, and links, and build your first WAP application! You may customize the look of your Application Map to incorporate your favorite font or colors. You can also see the WML code that MobileDev generated for your application. Then watch your tiny little application in action.
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In This Chapter:

Your First Application

  • Create a Project
  • Decks, Cards, and Links
  • Wizards
  • Create the First Deck
  • Save the Project
  • Changing the Look of the Application Map
  • Create the Second Deck
  • Run the Application
  • Same Application, Different Browser
  • Q&A

In Chapter 2, "WAP Design Tools," you learned about MobileDev and how to open and run a project.

You're now ready to build your first WAP application using MobileDev. As you build it, you'll also learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I create a project?

  • What is a deck, a card, and a link?

  • Why do I want to use wizards to develop a WAP application?

  • How do I see my application in action?

Your First Application

Now that you've seen MobileDev's application development environment, you can create a simple application that is a variation on the "Hello World" cliché. Our application, like the demo you saw in the previous chapter, is a dynamic application based on the Nokia 7110 browser, using WML markup language and Perl server script.

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