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Transparency Film, Anyone?

Transparency film is commonly used with overhead projectors for presentations. You can create overhead transparencies by printing directly from the computer onto specialized transparency film, or use a copier to copy from paper onto transparency film.

If you plan to print to transparency film as PowerPoint presentations reach their final production stage, most office supply stores stock a variety of transparency film.

Always read the information provided with your color printer, especially if you are renting one off-site. Some color printers use special transparency film available only through the printer manufacturer. Before renting a color printer, check with the rental company because they can usually provide you with additional transparency film.

Taking the production out of the country? Finding transparency film could prove to be a challenge and extremely difficult to locate. Again, Kinkos is a great resource in a pinch. If you find yourself in a decent hotel, check with a helpful concierge—they know where to look, and can usually hunt down supplies.

You also run into the same A4 paper size difference. And, if you brought along transparency sleeves that fit only 81/2 x 11, and end up with A4 transparency film, it could be a long night. You're better off acquiring both transparencies and sleeves in a foreign country so all the pieces fit together properly.

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