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This chapter provided an overview of VISM voice features, including voice over AAL2 and IP networks. It showed you how to add, configure, display, and verify voice connections. Voice over ATM on the VISM was discussed, and RPM memory locations were identified.

RPM port numbering was described, and the Cisco IOS CLI was presented. You learned commands for configuring the RPM and commands for setting up the RPM ATM switch interface. This chapter discussed PVCs on the RPM and how to configure subinterfaces. You also saw commands for creating connections and for creating and displaying PVCs on the RPM.

MPLS was introduced, with an outline and discussion of its business and technical advantages. The benefits of label switching were presented, with a discussion of the problems inherent in persistent loops due to network protocol conflicts. Cisco WAN switching products and features with MPLS support were also presented.

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