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The 3 Rs of Customer Share Marketing

Customer share marketing is an effective way to begin focused and dedicated retention programs—for some companies for the first time ever. Customer share marketing allows companies to build retention efforts that fully respect recipients by limiting their messages to those that are requested, relevant, and respectful:

  1. Requested. Think of all the direct mail that you get every day in your mailbox. Most of it is not requested and probably none of it would qualify as permission-granted. This is also true of many of the emails we receive. The way for marketers to avoid any confusion is simply to ask for permission directly from the prospect.

  2. Relevant. The more relevant your messages are to the recipient, the more likely they will continue to welcome messages from you into their inbox. Random solicitations are most often irrelevant to the recipient. If a gardener receives information on gardening, that's relevant. But if a person living in a penthouse in New York City randomly receives information on gardening, then the message is probably neither relevant nor effective.

  3. Respectful. Gone are the days when marketers can just muscle their way into people's lives because they have something to sell. Customers have been treated like slaves for a very long time. The time has come for marketers to treat customers the way they would treat their own mothers on Mother's Day. They want to be treated with respect. That's what customers want. They want information on the products that they want when they want it. If they want to be taken off the list, take them off. This dynamic represents an enormous paradigm shift for traditional advertisers and their agencies, but is a natural next step in the evolution of marketing.

The 3 Rs are designed to help marketers adopt communication practices based on respect and common sense that will lead to capturing a larger share of a customer's business.

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