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Web Page Content

Several design techniques can be used for the content of web pages:

  • Each web page should have a focus topic or a theme. Pages with multiple themes should be broken into multiple pages (each dedicated to a particular theme).

  • Each page should serve some purpose, without providing useless or redundant information. This will ensure that you're maintaining only useful pages.

  • Use good writing style in your web page content. It should be as fun and easy to read as any other form of writing.

  • Determine the appropriate layout of the content; if appropriate, group the content logically.

  • Use graphics that complement the content, such as a traffic light icon that changes depending upon the availability status of a particular service.

  • Don't overuse graphics; they can slow the loading process or make it difficult to read the content.

  • Don't use irrelevant graphics just because you want to fill the page with something lively.

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