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The SMC Toolbox Editor

The SMC Toolbox Editor is the part of SMC that enables you to modify existing toolboxes or to create additional toolboxes. You can add or delete tools from the default toolbox and create a new toolbox to manage a different set of tools. You can also manage multiple servers from one toolbox and group similar tools in a toolbox.

You can use the toolbox to perform the following tasks:

  • Edit toolbox properties. Use the SMC Toolbox Editor to modify the properties of tools, folders, toolbox URLs, and legacy applications.

  • Add a folder to a toolbox. Use the SMC Editor to add a folder to an existing toolbox. You can add a folder to the top node of the toolbox or to another folder.

  • Add a toolbox URL to a toolbox. Adding a toolbox URL to a toolbox is the same as adding a toolbox to Management Tools, except that you select a different node. You can add a server toolbox URL or a local toolbox URL to the top node of a toolbox or a folder.

  • Add a legacy application to a toolbox. A legacy application is an application that is not an SMC tool. A legacy application can be a command, an X application, or a URL. You can use the SMC Editor to add a legacy application.

  • Add a toolbox to management tools. You can create a comprehensive view of the servers that you want to manage by adding toolboxes from other servers to your list of Management Tools, which is the root toolbox on an SMC server.

  • Create a toolbox. Toolboxes are located in the /var/sadm/smc/toolboxes directory. If you want to create a new toolbox, first create a directory with the mkdir command. Then use the SMC Toolbox Editor to create the toolbox.

  • Create a nameservice domain toolbox.

Before you can create a nameservice domain toolbox, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • A system must be set up to run a nameservice.

  • The smattrpop(1M) command must have been run to populate security attributes databases in a nameservice.

  • Appropriate 32 x 32 pixel and 16 x 16 pixel GIF icons are available to represent the toolbox in the SMC Console on the server on which you create the toolbox.

You perform the following steps to create a nameservice domain toolbox:

  1. Run the smattrpop command.

  2. Create the nameservice domain toolbox.

  3. Add the Users tool to the toolbox.

  4. Save the toolbox.

As you can see, the SMC Toolbox Editor provides comprehensive tools that enable you to customize the SMC Console to meet the system administration needs of your site. You can continue to modify and expand the tools in the SMC Console as your business expands.

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