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In an internal memo sent out to Microsoft employees on January 15, 2002, Bill Gates talked about the "Trustworthy Computing" initiative. Some people find it humorous that large corporations label these marketing bulletins, which are leaked out to press intentionally, as internal memos. But seriously, the folks at Microsoft are taking this Trustworthy Computing initiative very seriously. As Gates points out, "Over the last year it has become clear that ensuring .NET is a platform for Trustworthy Computing is more important than any other part of our work. If we don't do this, people simply won't be willing—or able—to take advantage of all the other great work we do. Trustworthy Computing is the highest priority for all the work we are doing. We must lead the industry to a whole new level of Trustworthiness in computing."

The security enhancements in Windows .NET framework are a major step in this new focus on security. Even Microsoft's critics are applauding their efforts and are impressed with the security improvements in Windows .NET Server. However, before we get too excited, we need to realize that so far we've only looked at the beta code. Although the overall security in Windows .NET Server looks promising, at this stage it's still too early to predict how Microsoft will handle the integration of its .NET infrastructure security with other vendors, or even its own legacy systems. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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