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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Pop-Up Menus

Pop-up menus work well when your application needs to present several choices to the user and it is acceptable to hide these choices until the menu is opened. (Other methods of displaying choices are checkboxes and radio buttons.) Pop-up menus should not be used for multiple choice lists or as a way to provide more commands. They should contain attributes rather than actions; accordingly, Command-key equivalents should not be used in pop-up menus.

The standard pop-up menu is actually implemented as a control, specifically, the pop-up menu button control. Its appearance and behavior is thus determined by a pop-up menu button control definition function (see Fig 4).

Because pop-up menus are implemented as controls, they are addressed at Chapter 7. Further information in this chapter will be limited to the provision of the 'MENU' resource required by the pop-up menu button control.

Figure 3.4 Pop-up menu button (example)

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