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1.7 IMT2000

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has introduced a new framework of standards by the name IMT2000, which is a federation of systems for third-generation mobile telecommunications. IMT2000 aims to provide: (a) high-speed access, (b) support for broadband multimedia services, and (c) universal mobility. Frequency spectrum has been allocated for IMT2000 by the ITU. Several multiple-access protocols based on code division have been proposed by many different countries. The ITU has approved the CDMA2000 radio access system as the CDMA multicarrier member of the IMT2000 family of standards. CDMA2000 is capable of supporting IS-41 and GSM-MAP to ensure backward compatibility. IS-41 is a network protocol standard that supports interoperator roaming2. It allows MSCs of different service providers to exchange information about their subscribers to other MSCs on-demand.

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