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Installing ColdFusion Server on Unix-Based Platforms

ColdFusion is distributed as a package file, a familiar concept to Unix or Solaris administrators. As with all package files, ColdFusion is installed and managed with pkgadd, pkgrm, and pkginfo utilities. To begin the installation, log in to your system as root and mount the installation CD. Type the following to begin:

pkgadd -d /cdrom/cdrom0

A list of relevant package files appears, from which you can select the ColdFusion file. From here, it's a fairly standard program installation. ColdFusion will ask for a serial number, a default install directory, and the make of your Web server. You'll also be asked for a username under which you want ColdFusion server to run.


Users running Unix-based systems with certain Apache- or Netscape-based Web servers might need to manually configure their software to work with ColdFusion. Check the files in /opt/coldfusion/webserver/apache/README or /opt/coldfusion/webserver/NSAPI/README for details.

After the install program finishes copying files, a shell script will restart your Web server and begin ColdFusion service for the first time.

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