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JMS Server Not Started

I get an exception that says the server was not found.

Be sure you have started the EJB server before running the examples. If you are using only a JMS server, be sure it's running and that you have the correct connection information required for that JMS provider.

Classpath Not Set Up Correctly

I get a NoClassDefFoundError.

Be sure you have the jms.jar, jndi.jar, and the class files for the example in your system classpath. If you don't want to add them to your system classpath, create a startup script and add them using the -classpath option.

JMS Administered Objects Not Configured Correctly

I get an error message that says something about the ConnectionFactory, queue, or topic was not found.

Be sure you set up the JMS administered objects before attempting to run any of the examples. Every JMS provider will have its own way of setting these up. Check with the vendor documentation. Also, be sure you have the auction_jms.properties resource file somewhere in a valid classpath.

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