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Establishing a Solaris OE Architectural Model

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This sample chapter introduces an architectural model as a framework for designing platform-independent ISP architectures, based upon expertise and Sun best practices for designing ISP architectures. Ideal for IT architects and consultants who design ISP architectures.
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Like this article? We recommend

Editor's Note

This article is the complete third chapter of the Sun BluePrints_ book Designing ISP Architectures, by John V. Nguyen (ISBN 0-13-045496-6)

This chapter introduces an architectural model as a framework for designing an ISP architecture. The model is based upon our experience and Sun best practices for designing ISP architectures. For architects who want it, the first two sections of this chapter provide background and definitions of concepts and components necessary for understanding an architectural model.

This chapter contains the following topics:

  • "Understanding the Model"
  • "Identifying Key Components"
  • "Applying Architectural Principles"
  • "Applying the Model to FijiNet"

Also, building upon the information in Chapter 2, this chapter shows how to apply the architectural model and principles to design requirements.

Understanding the Model

An ISP architectural model provides a design framework for ISP architectures, which are often complex and comprised of multiple components requiring careful consideration and design. When designing an architecture, it is helpful to use or create a model, then apply all the requirements, assumptions, and design trade offs.

The model presented here is from our point of view, based upon experience in design and resulting best practices. Although there are many other architectural models, principles, and ways of approaching a design, for purposes of demonstration we focus on selected key components and principles. We advise you to determine which attributes and principals are most appropriate for your design, from a larger pool of architectural design standards.

FIGURE 1 shows a sample architectural model. In the center of the model are key components. Surrounding these key components in smaller circles are architectural principles.

FIGURE 1 ISP Architectural Model

As shown in the figure, key components serve as the core for the architectural design. In the outer layer, architectural principles provide structure and considerations for making design decisions, then adhering to a design.

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