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Hewlett Packard Virtual Partitions Explained

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Prentice Hall PTR author Marty Poniatowski introduces HP-UX Virtual Partitions and explains their benefits, system requirements, and creation.
From the author of

This article is based on the Text HP Virtual Partitions, published by Prentice Hall PTR ISBN # 0-13-065419-1. All of the topics in this article are covered in much more detail in the book.

I refer to chapters in the vPars book many times in this article. There is a lot of good vPars background and many useful examples in this article; however, vPars are a complex topic on which I based a separate book, so there is no way I could cover all aspects of vPars in one article. I refer to the chapters in the vPars book as a source of more detail on a given topic.

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