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DirectPlay for the Masses

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Keith Sink introduces DirectPlay, exploring some of the attributes that make it a viable solution for data transfer in games and business.
Keith Sink is the author of DirectX 8 and Visual Basic Development (Sams, 2001, ISBN 0-672-32225-0).
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This article introduces DirectPlay and explores some of the attributes of DirectPlay that make it a very viable solution to data transfer issues, not only for games but for the business community. This article also briefly discusses what this library can be used for in the business community.

What Is DirectPlay?

DirectPlay is a library of networking components, part of the Microsoft DirectX 8 SDK. DirectPlay wraps a lot of the functionality that many game developers use to manage and send game data back and forth between individual and Internet users all over the world. Microsoft has realized that multiplayer gaming is an emerging market and created DirectPlay to offer this advanced feature of game programming to anyone who wants multiplayer ability in his or her games. DirectPlay has evolved over a few versions and now is a very robust communications library.

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