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What Goes Where When I Type make install?

The directories where make install puts files is not as straightforward as one might think due to the flexibility of Samba's configure script. Depending on which options were enabled, make install creates the Samba directory tree, if necessary, and copies over the binaries and other relevant files. In the default /usr/local/samba/ directory layout, the following subdirectories exist:

  • bin/—This the location for storing the smbd and nmbd binaries and other utilities included with Samba.

  • lib/—This directory contains the smb.conf and lmhosts files and the codepage support files in a codepages/ subdirectory.

  • var/—This directory is empty until Samba is first run. At that time, the smbd and nmbd daemons create the lock files, shared memory files, browse list information databases, possibly the WINS databases, and Samba's log files. Under Samba 2.x, it also contains the smbd.pid and nmbd.pid files, along with the process ID of the currently running parent daemons.

  • private/—This is the default directory for storing the MACHINE.SID file mentioned in Table 3.1, the smbpasswd file used to support SMB password encryption, and the machine trust account information used when operating as a member server in a Windows NT domain.

  • man/—The Samba man pages are located in various subdirectories here. If you want the pages in your man page search path, you can either move the files to an existing man page location or add them to your MANPATH environment variable.

  • swat/—This directory contains the files for the GUI smb.conf editor SWAT, which is discussed more in Hour 6, "SWAT and Other GUI Administration Tools."

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