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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Document Management and Workflow

The following section describes the document management and workflow solutions provided by third-party vendors.

170 Systems, Inc.

Product Name: MarkView for Oracle Applications

Product Category: Content Management, Document Management, Imaging and Workflow

Contact Name: Eric Bragg

Contact Phone: (617) 621-0900

Contact E-mail: info@170systems.com

Web Page: http://www.170systems.com

MarkView for Oracle Applications is a complete, high-end production content management, document management, imaging, and workflow system designed exclusively for the Oracle environment and tightly integrated with the Oracle Applications. MarkView allows businesses to get and manage 100% of their information online, regardless of its original source or format, and streamline the associated business processes. MarkView provides a full spectrum of functionality from document scanning, viewing, storage, Web access, faxing, and OCR, to workflow, reporting, and more. Developed jointly with Oracle, the MarkView for Oracle Applications solution ensures tight integration with all of Oracle's Applications (Financial, CRM, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Projects, and so on) and is designed to support high volume, mission critical applications, in both intra-company and B2B deployments.

As a close Oracle partner, 170 Systems has been bringing production quality, enterprise-class content management, document management, imaging, and workflow capabilities to the Oracle environment since 1990 and Release 8 of the Oracle Applications. As the first certified charter member of Oracle's Cooperative Applications Initiative, 170 Systems continues to innovate advanced e-business solutions designed exclusively for the Oracle environment. MarkView for Oracle Applications is available for all versions of the Oracle Applications and on all deployment models, including 11i, 11.0, 10.7NCA, 10SC, and even 10.7 character mode. MarkView for Oracle Applications is used today by leading and global businesses that run the Oracle Applications in virtually all industries, including telecommunications, financial services, energy, higher education, government, transportation, retail, consumer packaged goods, professional services, healthcare, insurance, media, hospitality, high tech, entertainment, manufacturing, and more.

Concur Technologies, Inc.

Product Name: Concur Expense

Product Category: Travel and Entertainment Expense Reporting

Contact Name: Shannon Holliway

Contact Phone: (425) 702-8808

Contact E-mail: shannonh@concur.com

Web Page: http://www.concur.com

Concur's Employee Desktop serves as the access portal and Concur Expense automates each step of the travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management process—from expense report preparation and approval to policy compliance, data analysis, and reimbursement. With Concur Expense, companies gain new control over their T&E expense management process. Travelers prepare expense reports faster and more accurately, aided by the direct prepopulation of expense data from their corporate charge cards. Expense reports are automatically routed to managers, who can more efficiently approve expense reports online and receive immediate notification of noncompliant entries. Accounting is more productive because expense reports are delivered online and automatically link to financial and payroll systems, eliminating the need to re-key expense data. Easily accessible expense data allows the company to analyze spending trends and negotiate better supplier rates for additional savings.

Direct links from Concur Expense into Oracle Financials provide for account code validation, maintaining only a single set of accounting codes within the system. Data is captured once at its source and passes through the system smoothly, maintaining data accuracy at every step, with no need to re-key information. The integration of Concur Expense with Oracle Financials is designed to eliminate hours of data entry, auditing, and compliance monitoring to provide organizations with a cost-effective way to manage redundant administrative tasks across the entire enterprise.

The GETPAID Corporation

Product Name: GETPAID Software

Product Category: Financial, Automated Cash Collections, Dispute Resolution,

Integrated Application

Contact Name: Lucia Cotis, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Contact Phone: (973) 463-1500 x109

Contact E-mail: info@getpaid.com

Web Page: http://www.getpaid.com

GETPAID software is designed to leverage the capabilities of the Oracle A/R application. GETPAID integrates with Oracle to automate your collection and dispute resolution processes, resulting in a reduction of noncurrent A/R and disputed invoices.

The GETPAID products are designed to automate the workflow processes inherent in cash collections and dispute resolution. The system will automatically send correspondence, prioritize, schedule, and report on collection activities. The GETPAID Corporation product line includes collection and dispute resolution systems with multiple currency and languages for global use, a powerful report writer, and a Web-enabled product.

GETPAID offers standardized implementation, user and technical training, and ongoing support to the more than 450 installations worldwide in a wide array of companies, industries, and environments. GETPAID is certified under Oracle's Cooperative Applications Initiative (CAI).

Highland Technologies, Inc.

Product Name: ABA HighView Document Archive for Oracle Applications

Product Category: Document Imaging, Document Management, Enterprise Report Management, and Workflow Processing for Oracle Applications

Contact Name: Mark Neff, Business Area Director

Contact Phone: (301) 306-2820

Contact E-mail: mneff@htech.com

Web Page: http://www.htech.com

HighView Document Archive (HVDA) for Oracle Applications is a robust CAI certified document imaging and management solution. The HVDA allows an organization to create a single electronic repository of files (trailing documents) regardless of origin (scanned images, fax, desktop files, database reports, HTML pages, and so on) and associate this repository with records in the Oracle Application. The HVDA is seamlessly integrated with the Oracle Workflow processes such as approval processing and supports remote data input (such as the Self Service Expenses module). Leveraging the power of a Web browser, the repository is available via the Internet/intranet for viewing outside of the Oracle Apps environment. The HVDA can store virtually any electronic file, and the Enterprise Report Management function automatically stores any report from the Oracle Application, which can then be accessed from a browser (eliminating costly report distribution costs).

Any organization that wants to get the full benefit of its Oracle 11i implementation will need to eliminate the bottleneck of paper processing, paper storage as well as the need to look in multiple locations for information. HighView Document Archive, the proven scalable solution, provides this valuable add-on functionality.

MagnaWare Inc.

Product Name: MagnaWare Electronic Recruiting Solution

Product Category: Automated Data Collection, Integrated Applications, e-Recruiting, Human Resources Tools

Contact Name: Will Kelty, Director of Sales and Business Development

Contact Phone: (831) 469-3425

Contact E-mail: will@magnaware.com

Web Page: http://www.magnaware.com

MagnaWare's solutions allow recruiters to focus on hiring rather than managing the process. By integrating MagnaWare products with Oracle HRMS, companies improve the quality of their hires while reducing the time and cost of each hire. The savings often exceed the costs within just a few months.

The MagnaWare recruiting solution includes Capture which automates the collection of resumes from any source, Candidate Search which allows recruiters to easily find and route candidates, and JobPortal which automatically synchronizes job openings between your HRMS and your Web site. Unlike any other recruiting solution, MagnaWare integrates with your Oracle database to securely store all of your candidate data.

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