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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Warehouse and Distribution Management

The following section describes warehouse and distribution management provided by third-party vendors.

Catalyst International

Product Name: ABA Catalyst WMS

Product Category: Warehouse & Distribution Center Management Applications

Contact Name: Scott Nickell

Contact Phone: (800) 269-0424

Contact E-mail: snickell@catalystwms.com

Web Page: http://www.catalystwms.com

The Catalyst Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a client/server system with a true thin-client, Web-deployed user interface designed to increase productivity, inventory, accuracy, and customer service within the warehouse and distribution center. The system provides new insights into managing your personnel, space, and equipment, thus enabling you to control and monitor every operation within your warehouse. As a full-functioning WMS solution, the system supports receiving, putaway, inventory management, picking, and loading all in real time, utilizing the latest barcode functionality. Catalyst provides advanced functionality such as transaction history analysis, advanced wave planning and order selection, yard management, task interleaving, cycle counting, opportunistic cross-docking, and value-added processing, including kiting and QA processes.

The integration between the products is achieved through a series of Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which enables rapid data access between the applications leveraging a single point of data maintenance. The integration allows Oracle Applications and Catalyst Warehouse Management System to seamlessly provide information critical to warehouse management system customers. This integration supports interfaces between Oracle Supply Chain, Oracle Financials, and Oracle Manufacturing.

Manhattan Associates

Vendor Name: Manhattan Associates

Product Name: PkMS

Product Category: Warehouse Management Systems

Contact Name: Michelle Houde

Contact Phone: (678) 597-7071

Contact E-mail: mhoude@manh.com

Web Page: http://www.manh.com

We're removing the barriers to peak performance—the drag on business velocity that occurs when your supply chain doesn't work cohesively. With our total systems solution, the supply chain moves faster to meet customer demands. By synchronizing information flow, we're helping industries creatively collaborate to make the supply chain seamless and efficient for everyone. Ask our clients—more than 800 industry leaders representing 1,100 facilities worldwide. We've helped them set new standards of performance in the world marketplace. They've achieved new levels of supply-chain integration and competitive advantage, reaping the benefits of moving information and products through the supply chain more efficiently and more rapidly. Supply-chain momentum is building, and Manhattan Associates is a driving force.

Today's distribution center is more than just a storage facility that manages inventory levels, customer orders, labor productivity, and material handling/packaging equipment. It must now manage value-added services, as well as capture and communicate information throughout the increasingly complex supply chain. Today, you need a supply-chain execution system that reaches far beyond the four walls of your distribution facility, integrating the movement of information and product to meet customer demand and helping you comply with supply-chain industry initiatives to increase product momentum. You need Manhattan Associates' PkMS warehouse management solution to help you put the information gears in motion, building momentum throughout a community of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, suppliers, transportation providers, and customers.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Product Name: UPS Integration into 11i Order Management Module

Product Category: Integrated Applications (Integrated Shipping Information)

Contact Name: Milin Shah

Contact Phone: (678) 585-1519

Contact E-mail: UPSintelliverse@ups.com

Web Page: http://www.ec.ups.com

Oracle's E-Business Suite has UPS functionality in the 11i Order Management Module Release 11i to make the ordering and shipping process faster, easier, and more efficient. UPS IntelliverseSM is a truly integrated shipping management solution.

With UPS Intelliverse for Oracle 11i, you can calculate shipping rates for a wide range of UPS services, both air and ground; validate addresses; and calculate UPS Ground Time In Transit—all at the point-of-order entry. You can also track UPS packages in real time from within your Order Management Module using UPS generated tracking numbers or internally generally reference numbers (for example, an order number).

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