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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Printing and Output Enhancement

The following section describes printing and output enhancements provided by third-party vendors.

Evergreen Data Systems

Product Name: LaserForms.Enterprise

Product Category: Electronic Commerce

Contact Name: John Evans

Contact Phone: (800) 248-2898

Contact E-mail: jevans@evergrn.com

Web Page: http://www.evergrn.com

LaserForms.Enterprise is a sophisticated server-based solution that allows Oracle Applications to deliver everything from attractive customer facing business documents to internal management reports. Oracle data can be rearranged and reformatted without reprogramming the Oracle Application.

LaserForms.Enterprise merges the standard Oracle print data with a form template containing fonts, graphics, lines, and barcodes. Its drag-and-drop design tool allows you to create documents that can be printed on blank paper, e-mailed, archived, and made available on the Web. Conditional logic can be applied to facilitate automated distribution of documents to the exact location where they are used.

Product Name: DocuGuard

Product Category: Electronic Documents

Contact Name: John Evans

Contact Phone: (800) 248-2898

Contact E-mail: jevans@evergrn.com

Web Page: http://www.evergrn.com

DocuGuard is a small, cost-effective memory device that connects to the parallel port of a laser printer and eliminates the need for preprinted forms. DocuGuard is used primarily when there is a limited number of print destinations. When installed, your document templates and logos are automatically uploaded to the printer memory from the DocuGuard device.

During the standard print routine, the original output data stream remains unchanged. The data is merged with the template at the printer, greatly reducing the network traffic caused by large file transmissions. This allows your printer to operate at maximum rated speeds.


Product Name: JetForm Output Pak

Product Category: Document Output Solution

Contact Name: Neal Davies, Product Manager—ERP Output Solutions

Contact Phone: (613) 751-4800 x4854

Contact E-mail: ndavies@jetform.com

Web Page: http://www.jetform.com

JetForm Output Pak, for use in conjunction with Oracle E-Business Suite, is a document formatting and output solution that extends the Oracle E-Business Suite by allowing Oracle users to easily create and integrate high-quality electronic documents with their Oracle business processes. The solution provides an extremely flexible and cost-effective way to create and maintain documents for the Oracle E-Business Suite environment. It produces quality documents that provide excellent readability for users and a more professional corporate image for the organization.

JetForm Output Pak for use with Oracle E-Business Suite is an Oracle CAI-certified interface solution that integrates directly with the Oracle Reports to extract XML data. The data is merged with a JetForm document template that defines the layout of the document. Document templates are created using an easy-to-use document template design tool. Documents such as purchase orders, invoices, checks, and shipping documents are then dynamically generated for delivery to customers via print, fax, e-mail, or the Web. JetForm Output Pak supports full font control, logos, graphics, barcodes, and calculations, providing extensive forms processing capabilities, as well as supporting formatting for multiple languages and currencies within a single document.

JetForm is a registered trademark, and JetForm Output Pak is a trademark of JetForm Corporation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.

MHC Companies

Product Name: Document Express

Product Category: Laser Check and Forms Software Solution (Secure Turnkey Solution from the integration with Oracle to document distribution)

Contact Name: Sherry Diedrich, Document Express Consultant

Contact Phone: (800) 588-3676 x240

Contact E-mail: sherry@mhccom.com

Web Page: http://www.mhccom.com

Document Express is a proprietary software solution with a solid client base that integrates with Oracle Financials and HR/MS applications to create custom check and forms that can be distributed via network printers, fax, e-mail, and the Web. The custom solution includes module options for Accounts Payable, Payroll, Laser Documents (Purchase Order, Invoice, Statement, and so on), 1099 and W-2 Tax Documents, Positive Pay, Electronic Funds Transfers, and E-mail Notification.

Document Express is a flexible solution which offers ease in establishing accounts and managing account information from the client's workstation. Document Express allows the application to be handled within the department or enterprise-wide and can be installed within a 30-day period. You can expect a user-friendly, functional solution designed to streamline document processing that is backed with excellence in technical support and customer service.

Optio Software, Inc.

Product Category: Document output management, e-commerce

Contact Name: Christian Rosetti, Director, Business Development

Contact Phone: (770) 576-3500

Contact E-mail: crosetti@optiosoftware.com

Web Page: http://www.optiosoftware.com

As a member of the Oracle Partner Program for several years, Optio provides a full spectrum of solutions to transform your paper-intensive business to e-commerce enhancing the functionality of Oracle applications, including the 11i release, without custom programming:

  • Optio e.ComEngine—A production-proven messaging and integration broker that enables B2B (business to business) or A2A (application to application) integration by providing reliable transformation and exchange of real-time information.

  • Optio e.ComIntegrate—Enables Business-to-Business (B2B) integration, communication, and presentation of critical information and is designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations that need to communicate with all of their trading partners while supporting a wide variety of standards.

  • Optio e.ComPayments—A proven B2B payments management solution providing comprehensive support for electronic and traditional checks.

  • OptioDCS (Document Customization Server)—A comprehensive, single-source solution for customizing and intelligently distributing information from enterprise applications. The open technology standards integrate with leading enterprise applications and proprietary systems.

  • OptioDesignStudio—A Windows-based application providing visual- and object-oriented document design and routing capabilities. Customize and map the document routing process right from your desktop.

  • OptioReprint—A robust reprint management solution that adds superior value to OptioDCS (Document Customization Server) and gives users the ability to browse and view recently submitted print jobs and resubmit all or part of them to the same printer, identical printer, or compatible printer for reprinting.

  • OptioFAX—A comprehensive, powerful fax transmission and reception solution designed to automate enterprise-wide, high-production faxing to support your specific business requirements. OptioFAX seamlessly integrates with any enterprise application quickly and easily without custom programming.

  • Optio e.ComPresent—A B2B presentation portal that provides powerful and comprehensive Web-based report and document distribution, allowing users to access, view, and print information from any browser-enabled computer.

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