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Chapter 31: Working with Consultants

This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Chapter 31: Working with Consultants

In this chapter


Working with Consultants

What Are Your Needs? 

Project Manager and Leadership

Selecting Individual Consultants

Work Ethic and Attitude

Large-Scale Project Team Structure

Preparation for Consultant: Contracts

Preparation for Consultant: Rates and Fees

Preparation for Consultant: Fixed-Price Contracts

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Change Management

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Client Involvement

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Reviewing the Original Requirements

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Weekly Status Reports

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Risk and Issues Log

Controlling Consulting Project Costs: Importance of Database Administrator

Consulting Work Environment

Consultant Travel and Costs

Case Studies of Consultant Behavior

Case Studies of Client Behavior 


The decision to work with consultants can be a costly, yet necessary, decision. Almost every ERP project uses outside help during the implementation. This chapter is designed to help you understand issues involved in selecting and contracting with consultants. There are important parallel chapters that should be read in conjunction with this chapter.

Appendix A, "Employment Market," offers a significant discussion regarding the different types of skill sets that are required of consultants. It is vital that a hiring company understand the different types of consulting skill sets that might be required on a project because one size does not fit all. The skill sets of functional consultants are quite different from those of technical consultants. Consulting project management skills are a totally different discipline. Moreover, functional and technical consultants might have applied their skills only to particular disciplines. A hiring company must recognize that a functional Oracle Payroll consultant has entirely different skills from a functional Oracle Accounts Payable consultant. Before researching consulting firms, read Appendix A to establish an understanding of the different types of consulting skill sets.

Appendix B, "Consulting Market," provides a detailed summary of the different types of consulting organizations available in the Oracle market. This analysis reviews independent consultants; smaller, more specialized consulting companies; larger, diversified consulting companies; and Oracle Corporation consulting. Although Appendix B includes a perspective of advantages and disadvantages to the consultant, be sure to study the advantages and disadvantages to the hiring firm.

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