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Try This at Home

Now you have a good sense of the rationale behind XP and how it differs from existing development methodologies, your next challenge is to apply XP to your local context. Look for my next article on InformIT on how to integrate XP into your existing environment.

Making Art Work

Now, do you see why XP is like watercolor painting and Bob Dylan? In watercolors, sometimes you just have to let go and let the paint take its own path; you can't always control but you can steer. The outcome may not be what you expected but could be a work of art in the eyes of the customer!

XP is like Bob Dylan because you either love it or hate it! You may find that if you look for the meaning and understand the philosophy behind XP, those arguments of specific implementation will fade away. XP won't solve world hunger or grant you inner peace, but it may just make this whole development thing a lot more fun and rewarding for all.


Have you heard of Windows XP? If not, you've been living in a cave and your only lifeline is the odd email from InformIT. You'll be happy to know that XP won't crash your PC (or car), won't require activation, and is truly localized. Dig around some more on XP; try a planning game with friends and a little communication with someone. Take courage, keep it simple; that has to work.

Bye for now.

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