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XP: A Project Managers Primer

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Stewart Baird explains extreme programming (XP) for project managers in terms of other development methodologies, Bob Dylan, and watercolors.
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This article investigates how an extreme programming (XP) project differs from more structured development methodologies. The target audience is project managers who are experienced in software development but are new to XP. The article provides a brief overview of XP, including how to manage, lead, track, and plan projects.

What Is XP?

Extreme programming (XP) is lightweight methodology optimized for small to medium-sized teams (6–20 people) developing software in the face of vague or rapidly changing requirements. XP is the most popular of the new wave of "agile" development approaches and is becoming increasingly popular across the development spectrum. It differs from the more traditional waterfall or so-called RAD methodologies in that it accepts change as a fact of life. The concepts of scope and change management are foreign in the XP world.

Come to think of it, XP is a lot like watercolor painting and Bob Dylan. (More about that later.)

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