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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book



Q: I periodically received warnings from Windows 98 telling me that I have Not enough stacks. What are stacks and how do I ensure a full complement?

A: Programs use stacks as temporary data storage. When a program runs out of stacks, it can generate an error. In most cases, you can't do anything to fix the problem—it's up to the software publisher to fix the bug in its program.

This raises an important issue. Computer users are often misled by program error messages into thinking there's something they can do to make things better. In fact, most of the time the message only means something to the programmer, if that.

If a program crashes, save your work, restart Windows, and hope it doesn't happen again. If the same program crashes frequently, check with the publisher to see if it offers an update. Sometimes it helps to re-install the program.

Error messages should really read Something unexpected has happened and I can't go on. Awfully sorry about that. Please don't blame yourself.

That'll be the day.

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