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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book



Regular maintenance of your hard drive is important for the reliability of your system. That's why Windows makes it easy to access the three most important maintenance programs. Double-click My Computer, then right-click your hard drive and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Click the Tools tab; you see Error Checking, Backup, and Defragmentation.

Let's start with Backup. That's the one thing everyone should do every day. You don't need to back up the whole hard drive, just personal stuff like your checkbook, Internet bookmarks, and your great American novel.

You should also perform a weekly error check on the hard drive. Windows uses a program called Scandisk to find and repair mistakes in your directories. It's best to catch these early. Every month or so, run the thorough version of Scandisk to catch any flaws on the disk itself.

The final utility, Defragmentation, is less important. After months of use, the files on your hard drive can get disorganized. Defrag reorganizes them for faster access. You needn't run Defrag more than a few times a year.

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