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Data Service Administration

After the setup scripts are run, you can either manage the data service from the command line or through the SunPlex Manager GUI. By default, each cluster node is configured with an apache web server which listens to port 3000. Since a password must be provided to run the SunPlex Manager GUI, a secure port is used to encrypt the transfer of it. To invoke the SunPlex Manager GUI, enter the address of one of the cluster nodes in a web browser. For example:


After entering a login (root) and password, the cluster configuration data is displayed. To examine the HA-NFS resource group, that was setup up by the scripts, select Resource Groups in the left window pane. The following screenshot is what the nfs-rg resource group looks like.


The Action Menu allows you to perform common cluster administration functions like switching the service to the other cluster node. A nice feature of the SunPlex Manager GUI is that the command that is executed for a chosen action is displayed. You can use this output as a guide to developing scripts for common administration functions.

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