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This chapter is from the book


The Workshop provides quiz questions to help solidify your understanding of the material covered and exercises can apply what you've learned. For answers to the quiz questions and exercises, see Appendix A, "Answers to Quizzes and Exercises."


1. What two controls are needed when creating a toolbar?

2. Can a toolbar display text instead of pictures in the buttons?

3. How many top-level menu items can you have?

4. If you use hotkeys, can you have two that start with the same letter?


Start a new project and add the necessary controls, toolbar, and menu to allow users to select files to open and close and, when a file is selected, display the text in a control on the form.


  1. A toolbar requires an ImageList and Toolbar control to be on the form; however, if you want to use drop-down menus in the toolbar you must add a ContextMenu control.

  2. Yes, a toolbar can display text, images, or both.

  3. You can have as many top-level menu items as you want; however, too many will make your application very hard to use.

  4. No. At any given level of a menu item, only one hotkey can use a particular letter.

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