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This chapter is from the book

Summary and Conclusions

The following five principal points are made in this chapter:

  1. Software is increasingly important to your business. If you can't effectively manage your software work, you will have trouble managing anything else.

  2. The first principle of software management is to recognize that you are in the software business and to treat software management as critical.

  3. The second principle of software management is that quality comes first, even before the schedule.

  4. The third principle of software management is that, to consistently produce quality software, you must have disciplined and motivated professional teams.

  5. There are known ways to manage software, but you must know them and you must use them. This book explains these methods, how to introduce them, and how to use them.

Although sound software practices are not difficult, they are not obvious. The PSP and TSP provide an overall framework to guide engineers, managers, and executives through building and running an effective and productive software business.

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