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New and Improved Trip-Planning Experience

Earlier, we discussed the problems of working with the Web. Figure 1 depicts the complicated and tedious task of trying to pull together something such as a trip. Ecosystems of services help to put a rational face to the complexity, and simplify the experience for the user. Now, planning a trip from San Francisco to New York is simply a matter of finding the right Travel Industry ecosystem and using a trip-planning service. This service transforms your trip criteria into a travel itinerary that includes everything from airline tickets to the most appropriate jazz concert reservations. The choice of airline or hotel would be based on your preferences, restrictions, and criteria. If your travel plans must change, you need only let the trip-planning service know, and it can do everything all over for you. Note that the resulting set of lower-level services, such as airlines and hotels, could be completely different from the original itinerary yet still satisfy your original trip wishes. The final result is that ecosystems and services make the Web work for you. Figure 2 shows this new and improved way of getting work done.

Figure 2 Making the Web work for you.

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