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This chapter is from the book


The workshop provides quiz questions to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this chapter as well as exercises to give you experience using what you have learned.


1. What file extension does ASP.NET use for Web Services?

2. Why do Web Services use WSDL files?

3. How do you retrieve the WSDL description for an ASP.NET Web Service?

4. Why should you use proxies for Web Service clients?

5. What files are created when you select Add Web Reference in Visual Studio?

6. Why do Web Services use ASP.NET?

7. Do all Web Services support HTTP Get and HTTP Post for calling functions?

8. List each standard in this chapter's lesson that uses XML for its data format.

9. If a Web Service offers a method called HelloWorld, what two methods would a proxy program define for asynchronous calling?

10. What programming attribute do you use to make a method accessible to the public in a Web Service?


  1. Create a new method in the TimeUtils Web Service that returns the time of day in military and standard format. Have the method receive a bool parameter that specifies which format to use.

  2. Create a Web Service using Visual Studio. What new files did Visual Studio create that we didn't in the TimeUtils example?

  3. Create a Web Service that calls another Web Service. How could a Web Service like this be useful?

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