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6. Are You Serious?

Now I won't get into the mechanics of how to study; I've already written an article for InformIT on how you can pass any exam—and I recommend you read it. I encourage you to write your goal on a two or three index cards. Tape one index card to your mirror in the bathroom, put another in your wallet, and keep the third next to your computer monitor. By keeping these goals in sight, you'll be constantly reminded of your promise to excel.

It has been a rough year for everyone. It has been easy to discredit the IT profession, live in fear, and feel guilty about our ambitions to succeed. Not next year.

If you're with me, 2002 will be a mirror opposite of the past 12 months. I'm holding my head high, seeking higher and higher certifications from multiple vendors, and living my life the way I always imagined I would. I love technology. I know how to use a slide rule. And 2002 will be a fantastic year.

7. Who Have You Told?

The final step of creating a goal is to share your goal with others. I am challenging you (yes you, reader) to respond to this article with your goal for the world to see. Right now.

Take a moment and read other's goals, and offer encouragement. Check in periodically, and update us on your progress, any setbacks, and offer support to your peers. I'll start: My goal is to help 1000 people reach their IT certifications goals by December 31, 2002.

Your turn. How can I help you succeed?

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