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Bone Bash Roller Brawl: “Let’s Roll!”


FIGURE 3.9 Send the KISS OF DEATH to Kaos, while you deliver some disastrous DERBY DAMAGE!

TABLE 3.7 Bone Bash Roller Brawl’s Stats!



SuperCharged Vehicle

Tomb Buggy

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


The roller-derby super-champion Bone Bash Roller Brawl must be the unluckiest vampire in the world! Why, you ask? Because she inadvertently won the undying love of the evilest of all Portal Masters—Kaos! That egocentric, bad-tempered little villain bent on world domination may have his charms (well, he’s pretty funny!), but Roller Brawl was not impressed at all! She turned her back on the lovesick lunatic, and when her five brothers turned up to tussle, Kaos had them all kidnapped! Now Roller Brawl is on a deadly mission—to seek out the terrible Drow army and rescue her five vampire brothers while fighting Kaos every step of the way. You go, girl!

Attack Moves:

Derby Duke: Press Attack 1 to slash nearby enemies with your Fang Blades.

Fangerang: Press Attack 2 to extend your Fang Blades and throw them out at enemies. Press Attack 1 while the Fang Blades are out to attack with your fists!

Soul Gem Ability: Brawling Bout! – 4000: Roller Brawl’s rage grows over time. When she is at maximum rage, hold Attack 2 to unleash her fury on nearby enemies.


TABLE 3.8 Bone Bash Roller Brawl’s Upgrades!

Love Bites – 500: Press Attack 2 while Fangerangs are thrown to blow a fangy Vampire Kiss at enemies. Enemies hit by the kiss will be weakened and have some of their health drained.

Skaters Gonna Skate – 700: Press Attack 3 to skate faster and extend your Fang Blades while doing so, which damages enemies that get in your way!

Derby Damage – 900: Derby Duke attacks now do more damage. All is fair in Derby!

Crossover Technique – 1200: Fangerangs seek out other targets after the first before returning.

Brawler Derby Path: Keep the enemy on their toes with aggressive upgrades that favor mobility!

Waller Derby Path: Shrug off enemy attacks with upgrades that favor defense and range!

Jam-Time – 1700

Hold Attack 3 while skating to launch yourself like a missile, damaging any enemy in the way.

Serious Substitution – 2200

Fang Blades become more powerful and will do more damage to enemies.

Always Wear a Helmet – 3000

Hold Attack 1 to do an explosive head-butt. That’s using your head!

Eat Pavement – 1700

Hold Attack 3 to tear up the pavement and damage all enemies in front of you.

Blocker Boutfit – 2200

Your armor bulks up and reduces enemy damage.

Contagious Kiss – 3000

When Love Bites connects, it will explode in smaller Vampire Kisses that can bite, weaken, and drain surrounding enemies.

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