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Crypt Crusher


FIGURE 3.8 When the MUSIC begins, spin the WHEEL OF DOOM to RAISE THE ROOF!

Crypt Crusher is a rocking land vehicle that shoots musical notes from the four trumpet launchers on its coffin chassis. You’re not the only one keen for a spin this time—a team of cheerful Amigos are riding shotgun, ready to throw themselves at the bad guys and wear them down with crazy-awesome cheerfulness! The Crypt Crusher isn’t your standard Undead vehicle; it brings enemies down with a bang, crash, boom! Tight turns are tricky in Crypt Crusher compared to other vehicles because it needs a bit of room to move, but this land vehicle has great speed and a strong attack. Keep those musical notes firing to play a song of destruction for an immediate attack and let your Amigos help you out when you’ve got time to kill.

Upgrade Crypt Crusher’s shields and weapons with Sharpfin and his crew:

  • Upgrade Level 1: 800 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 2: 900 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 3: 1000 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 4: 1100 gearbits

  • Upgrade Level 5: 1200 gearbits


Tune Up: Press Attack 1 to shoot musical notes at enemies. Shoot more notes with more Amigos.

Amigo Amplitude: Press Attack 3 to shoot Amigos that attach to enemies, damaging them over time.


  • Decomposition Horn

  • Cacoffiny Horn

  • Creepy Critter Call Horn

  • Honkoween Horn

Specialty Mods

Performance Mods

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