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The Good Guys

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Astroblast: “Ready, Set, Glow!”


FIGURE 3.41 MOONWALK your way to victory with LASER weapons that are LIGHT YEARS ahead!

TABLE 3.39 Astroblast’s Stats!



SuperCharger Vehicle

Sun Runner

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Before he became a SuperCharger, Astroblast was already a super-secret spy. In his travels, he discovered a long-lost Rift Engine. His timing couldn’t have been better, because trouble was on the way! Astroblast’s epic bravery and laser skills cut through the bad guys as he single-handedly fought off an epic Troll army attack to stop the engine from being stolen and used for terrible purposes. With the Rift Engine saved, he flew it to Skylanders Academy and was greeted with a hero’s welcome. Astroblast realized there was a greater cause to champion—saving the Rift Engines from the clutches of Kaos and his minions. He’s a sharp shooter with a crystal clear goal: to rise against the power of the darkness to destroy evil.

Attack Moves:

Solar Flair: Press Attack 1 to fire condensed sunlight, which bounces off walls.

Asteroid Belt: Press Attack 2 to lob a prismatic space rock. Press Attack 1 to shoot the prism, creating an area of lasers that damage enemies in the area.

Soul Gem Ability: Wool Encounters – 4000: Hold Attack 3 to bring down a space rock inhabited by a creature with its own laser gun set to Blaaaaast!


TABLE 3.40 Astroblast’s Stats!

Starsault – 500: Press Attack 3 to kick close enemies and knock them away.

Solar Field – 700: Fast-moving light particles around you protect your suit, improving your armor. Additionally, Life elemental Skylanders near you regenerate health.

Solar Powered – 900: Hold Attack 1 to charge up Solar Flair with the light of hotter and hotter suns. Release to shoot a high powered laser at enemies.

Space Rocks! – 1200: Hold Attack 3 to bring down an explosive space rock. (Prerequisite: Starsault.)

Cosmic Technology Path: Gain stronger laser abilities with powered-up gear!

Nova Hopper Path: Bring down huge rocks from space onto your enemies!

Surface of the Sun – 1700

Your Solar Field heats up and does damage to enemies that get too close.

Meatier Meteors – 2200

Hold Attack 3 down longer to bring down a bigger (more explosive) space rock.

Star Light, Star Bright – 3000

Rapidly press Attack 1 to fire Solar Flairs at its currently charged level. The charge will slowly diminish over time.

Meteor Shower – 1700

Hold Attack 2 and release to lob multiple space rocks.

Full Spectrum – 2200

When you shoot a space rock, the dust will last longer.

Supernova – 3000

Once before you lose your last hit point, you will go supernova and gain half health.

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