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Smash Hit: “Let’s Rock!”


FIGURE 3.5 Duck and cover! There’s no HAZARD PAY if you’re in the way when Smash Hit comes in with his WRECKING BALL!

TABLE 3.3 Smash Hit’s Stats!



SuperCharged Vehicle

Thump Truck

Max. Health






Critical Hit


Elemental Power


Looking for a sweet, little, furry bunny to play with? Well, you’d better keep looking! Despite his big, bright eyes and fuzzy face, Smash Hit is anything but snuggly—he’s all about smashing! In his earlier life as a professional demolisher of all things Ancient Arkeyan, this mighty Warsupial was renowned for his ability to dismantle a giant Conquertron faster than anyone could strap their war helmet on! These days, Smash Hit just adores swinging his chained boulder around his head and laying waste to enemies that get in his way. Stand clear and let the smashing begin!

Attack Moves:

Demolisher: Press Attack 1 repeatedly to swing the boulder around in a circle.

Crushinator: Press Attack 2 to smash the boulder on the ground in front of you.

Soul Gem Ability: Down, Under – 4000: Hold Attack 3 when connecting to the boulder to create a huge explosion underneath you!


TABLE 3.4 Smash Hit’s Upgrades!

Connect and Disconnect – 500: Press Attack 3 to disconnect the boulder and gain unique chain attacks. Press Attack 3 again to connect.

Junkyard Dog – 700: Boulder attacks deal more damage. Rock on!

Spikey Spinner – 900: Hold Attack 3 for a short time to charge up the boulder and send it spinning at enemies. (Prerequisite: Connect and Disconnect.)

Junker – 1200: Chain attacks deal more damage. Chain time! (Prerequisite: Connect and Disconnect.)

Bolder Boulder Path: Gain more powerful boulder attacks.

Chain Champ Path: Gain more powerful long-range chain attacks.

Heap – 1700

Hold Attack 2 for a short amount of time to charge your boulder. The next attack with the boulder will deal massive damage!

Better Together – 2200

Gain a large armor increase when connecting. Press Attack 3 to disconnect the boulder; press Attack 3 again to connect.

Catch! – 3000

Hold Attack 1 while connected to throw your boulder at enemies!

G’Day! – 1700

Hold Attack 1 while disconnected to pull yourself to enemies!

Cut Loose – 2200

The next attack will be a critical hit when disconnecting. Press Attack 3 to disconnect the boulder; press Attack 3 again to connect.

Earth Currents – 3000

Press Attack 2 while disconnected to pull enemies into the spinning boulder.

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